Video 25 Jul 15 notes

they have a way of dancing so smooth and keeping rhythm.

Text 8 May vowels

As I was walking around a local coffee shop at 3am, I realized that I had read a few signs without vowels. I thought in that moment about what our language would look like if we didn’t have vowels to put a backbone in our suffixes, prefixes, and roots.
Our minds don’t necessarily focus on every letter in the words we read. though, languages like Hebrew don’t have vowels, but if you look at the history of our English language you find Anglo-Saxon, Greek, french, and Latin in our timeline. What would it mean through history to delete them? It would mean that other languages if you look at them now would be slightly corrupted.

Text 8 May no control

What is this highthat people crave? People will stand in line for long periods of time just to get a taste of it. Would if it was never invented? How would the users coupe? What would they spend their paper for? The taste is bitter with a never ending pot. I know some individuals that will bike the extra two miles for only the best. Are they just picky or smart? Who is to say that they have the worlds best because its to the individuals opinion.

Video 26 Apr 6 notes


Coco Rocha For White House Black Market

Another one of my favorite model

she’s amazing !

Video 16 Feb 7 notes


great song and great dancing! vive le jass français!

artist: hippocampus jass gang
song: blue drag

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and another two of the best

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Text 7 Dec Making faces While Doing Homework

Have you ever noticed how many faces you see when you are watching people do their homework? When people write papers noses will scrunch, lips will curl and creases start to form. It doesn’t matter whether its 1:00 in the after noon or 4:00 in the morning. The greatest thing I found my self doing is making faces back. They never suspect a thing.

Text 7 Dec 1 note Wearing Stripes

Stripes are a silly thing. You can wear black and white and look like a prisoner or you can look like a a model who can out of Vogue. What makes the personality of stripes? Is it the persons intention when wearing it or is it place? Lets cross out all linear thought on this subject and close our eyes and ponder this silly little question. I bet you have never thought about something such as a stripe and its context. If I wore it next to my Christmas tree, for example, with its lights on and snow falling lightly outside, would it bring different meaning to its aesthetics than if it where worn even next to the same tree with its lights turned off during the middle of the day? what I am trying to get at is why we associate ourselves with creating meaning behind red and green=Christmas, Black and yellow=color of a bee, blue=sad, black and white stripes=convict? Would if I lived in Africa? Would my logic stay the same? As we grow up we put two and two together sorta like when we are first learning to talk we associate dad and mom with our parents. Maybe it has to do with our human  love of order. We love to have solid answers even when we have one we still look for more beyond what we have or already know. I don’t think God created those stripes to represent a convict. If that where the case though would it say in the Bible that Jesus was clothed in stripes before he was lashed forty times?
Even years later, having changed the color of a convict or a prisoners fashionable pattern from black and white stripes to vibrant deer hunting orange, we still come back to the cat and its fiddle.

Text 7 Dec My Rant on Trend

Whats Pinterest doing? I will tell you what its doing, its creating a place for girls (and probably some guys) to waste as much time they will allow themselves. I am still personally deciding if it is more harmful than it is positive. being a creative person I love going on it to seek out ideas for my next big thing. though is it really mine even if I say that i made it differently? It still wasn’t my idea in the first place. do I still get credit? I am not sure. There are plenty of artist who have more than a hundred people working under them creating something that was first their idea. Are we just the posters or pinners followers? I will let you decide.

Link 19 Nov Damien Jurado- for another great mix»
Link 19 Nov Adam Boehmer- for some good tunes»
Text 9 Nov Need to Know

I need to know what’s going on in this world. I think I am going to ask Santa for a news paper subscription. I am tired of being unaware of what is happening around me. I have found my self in many conversations being surprised to hear what is going on. I didn’t even know that Steve Jobs died until a while after, or that an earth quake happened across the globe and effected many people.

Video 7 Nov
Text 6 Nov 1 note I should keep a #2 pencil in my pocket

I was talking with a friend and just randomly I gave some advice and said, “It’s better to go through a quick tsunami, than rain showers here and there that keep your shoes wet.”

thought about my comment after I finished talking with her and its so true. When we go through trials, hardships, or sit with my face in the pillow moments all at once rather than a little here and a little there. Crying for many things and getting over it is much more appetizing don’t you think?

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